18 January 2016

The story of Study 34 starts with a story of a search for meanings. We live in a unique time where information is omnipresent and instantaneous, where artificial intelligent is not merely an illusion. Our daily performances have changed, we are often more productive, educated and aware. However, we all embody ourselves in many paradoxes. In fashion style represents our own unique identity at the same time the garments we choose to wear are produced to appeal for masses and everyone can have it. We seek intimacy and connectedness whilst sharing moments on social media with strangers across the world. It somehow works, but not really. The world is creating new questions for humanity and this is how we came across the brand Study 34.

Eleanor O’Neill, the founder of Study 34 shared with us her industry experience and views.

“Things will always change in fashion and so I think, it’s important to find a constant. While observing how and why things might be changing is really key, it’s equally important not to get swept up in it.”

The designs of Study 34 are made in an original and innovative way, placing the consumer in the centre of the purchase. The jumpers are all made to order, with information about the date it was made and by whom along with the cutest swing tag on the garments. This personal touch is what makes such a difference. Of course it would be more difficult to manage such a unique production process and the growth of the brand, but the designer tells us that it is very important for her to produce garments ethically and sustainably whilst continuing to communicate with the consumer.

“It’s important I think to take time to develop and understand your values and your style because when you do, it’s so much easier to stay true to them. Ultimately it always comes back to quality, longevity and versatility for me.”

Her way of thinking about fashion certainly is brave but it also really represents ones true identity and touch.

“I’m not sure how useful it is to bombard consumers with facts and figures about how their current buying habits are affecting other people’s quality of life and the environment, for example. While these issues are SO important to be aware of, and to change, I don’t think they are going to engage the customer enough to encourage them to change their buying habits, sad as that may seem.”

Consumerism is kind of a feeling of insecurity. Being stuck to too many meaningless object or items and always looking for more. Great style can be also achieved by getting to know yourself, by developing your image and appearance. This is where investment pieces play a big role. Designer adds: “We can all start by making a conscious effort to just buy less, after all, who isn’t able to do that? Even if you don’t at first alter the brands you purchase, simply buying less of the things you currently buy is a step in the right direction. Changing your buying habits to be more sustainable in this simple way does not mean spending more money, it means being mindful of your purchases and being more restrained. Perhaps it means investing more time into thinking about what you really need and what you don’t. Investing time but saving money in the long run? I’m into that!”

STUDY 34 | jumpers

ETHICS | responsibly designed and made in UK

ENVIRONMENT | made to order, minimal waste and natural raw materials

PHOTOGRAPHY: Madara Freimane | MAKE UP: Mee Kee | MODEL: Saffron at Named Models | PRODUCTION MANAGER: Ance Rusova |  ARTICLE: What’s Your Legacy

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