24 July 2017

Sometimes, wide-spread problems call for simple solutions. And we might just have discovered the one simple step you need to take in order to successfully tackle one of the major issues that women world-wide struggle with on the daily.

The problem is called ‘Too many shoes’. The solution is called ‘Go vegan.’

When you ditch animal products, many things in your life are about take a turn for the better. Your skin might clear up, your digestive tract will work more smoothly and it is frequently reported that new vegans feel they are suddenly more energetic. In short – the benefits are plentiful and rewarding. And for a while you will feel blissful and in tune with mother earth. Until you need a new pair of shoes.

The timeline goes something like this. At first, you google ‘vegan shoes’; full of enthusiasm and sure that you’ll have a hard time choosing amid all the non-leather cuties you’ll be presented with. After all, veganism is hip, right?! Surely, the market should cater to the sartorial needs of stylish urban buddha-bowl eaters. A brief scroll through the google image result later you have given up on this vision.

What follows is a phase of denial, in which you pretend that you can go for the rest of your life without ever buying any new shoes. After all, you indulged heavily on the footwear front during your pre-ecoconscious days. Reality won’t take long to catch up on you though, because your lavish collection of old Zara shoes will soon fall apart. Literally.

Then you discover Marais.

Then you discover you can’t actually afford Marais.

At this point, you have been wearing half-torn shoes with soles that are no longer connected by physical means to their respective upper parts for about half a year, and your friends are concerned. It’s time for some realism. You have a couple options.

Why not become the practical person who makes sensible fashion choices and puts comfort above day-to-night compatibility and invest in a pair of vegan Veja sneakers? Or, if day-to-night compatibility is of high concern to you, might we suggest a pair of ballet heels like the above pictured very cute ones from Bourgeois Boheme? We aren’t gonna try and pretend you’ve saved up for a pair of Marais shoes by now, because we know you’ve been having £9 acai bowls for breakfast more times than you’d like to admit since going vegan, and you like to go for a lot of extra toppings and we know it adds up. If you have, we applaud and envy you. This is also just about where our list ends, because we can’t find any more pretty leather- and PCV-free shoes to present you with.

Just kidding. We have actually personally gone through all the phases ourselves, put in some sleepless nights’ worth of research (that’s kind of our thing) and compiled the below list for your enjoyment. Some of these are just as expensive as Marais though.


SUSTAINABILITY | Made from sustainable vegan materials such as Pineapple Leather, Cotton and PVC-free vegan eco suede. Ethically made in Portugal.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Madara Freimane |  ARTICLE:  Aniko Legner

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