21 August 2017

We thought very long and hard about creative ways to show off all the cute ethical and sustainable swimwear that just kept on popping up on our Instagram feed. Unlike vegan shoes, swimwear that lives up to our standards thankfully isn’t hard to find.

Still, with us being based in London and all, we had to admit to ourselves that there was realistically no opportunity to shoot bikinis in a setting other than our showers or the Serpentine in Hyde Park, which apparently you are allowed to swim in between 6:00 am and 9:30 am if you book in advance (we are about as intrigued to try this as you are).

So something had to give. And the salvation came in the form of one particularly helpful friend, sustainable fashion blogger Jil Carrara, who invited us to spend some time with her in Sardinia, where she typically resides during summer.

Enviable. The rest is History – we packed some Wet the Label and Margaret and Hermione swimwear and spent four days hanging on numerous beaches and boats.

Both labels featured use recycled materials for their swimwear and support the protection of the oceans by using old fishing nets as raw materials for their textiles. They are produced in Europe, and in the case of Wet even hand-made to order by the designer herself.

If you or a loved one are lucky enough to be invited to a friends’ very chic Italian beach house this late summer, we want to both express our jealousy and lend you a hand – here are some more sweet beach-appropriate and sustainable things we suggest you could wear while you lounge in the sun. Don’t forget the SPF.

Look 1: Jacket: Sunad; Earrings: Rahel Pfrommer; High waisted swimwear bottom: Margret and Hermione / Look 2: One piece swimwear in khaki: Wet the Label; Shirt: Sunad / Look 3: One piece swimwear: Wet the Label; Swimwear bottom: Wet the Label / Look 4: Swimwear: Wet the Label / Look 5: One piece swimwear in khaki: Wet the Label; One piece swimwear in orange: Margret and Hermione; Earrings: Rahel Pfrommer / Look 6: High waisted swimwear bottom: Margret and Hermione; Swimwear: Wet the Label  / Look 7: High waisted swimwear bottom: Margret and Hermione; Swimwear bottom: Wet the Label  / Look 8: Floral top: Thoreau the Label; One piece swimwear in orange: Margret and Hermione / Look 9: Swimwear: Wet the Label; Shirt: Sunad Look 10: One piece swimwear in orange: Margret and Hermione / Look 11: Shirt: Sunad; Earrings: Rahel Pfrommer / Look 12: Swimwear: Margret and Hermione; Earrings: Rahel Pfrommer

Special thanks to Jil Carrara and her family. Go check out her blog!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Madara Freimane | STYLING AND ARTICLE: Aniko Legner | MODELS: Jil Carrara and Aniko Legner 

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